LAUNCH X431 PADII 최신 범용진단기(한글지원)

전세계 모든차종을 진단할수있는 베스트셀러 범용진단기 Launch X431 시리즈 중 가장 최신형 제품인 PAD II 입니다.

140여 브랜드를 지원하며 2000 개가 넘는 차종을 진단가능합니다. 기존에 출시된 런치시리즈 들의 모든 기능을 포함하고, 작고 가벼운 크기와, 컬러화면, 무선통신을 통한 자체 업데이트, 15개 실제값을 동시에 그래프로 표시, 데이터 로깅기능 등 신기술로 새롭게 출시된 제품입니다. 각종 오류코드삭제, 오일리셋, 베이직세팅, 어뎁테이션 등 법용진단기 중에선 단연 최고이며 고장코드 세부내용까지 한글지원 됩니다.  Launch 본사에 정품등록을 통한 온라인 업데이트가 가능합니다.




padii1-3_11384623 padii1-1_11313887 padii-graphing_11326566

Feature – 제품기능

    Vehicle diagnostic functions:
1. X-431 PAD II is one of the comprehensive diagnostic tools with widest car model coverage among similar products on current market. It supports over 140 car brands and over 2000 car models.
2. Diagnostic software at original factory level, providing comprehensive diagnostic functions of Read DTC, Clear DTC, Data Stream, Actuation Test, and Special Functions.
3. Display data stream in the form of text, graph, and composite figure. Maximum 15 data stream waveforms can be displayed at the same time.
4. Record data stream by one click, letting users easily store and review history data.
5. Fast accessing car models for fast test.
6. Smart fault code searching function. By clicking SEARCH during bfault code inquiry, product will automatically search corresponding fault code information (Wi-Fi network is required).
Maintenance Database: X-431 PAD II general version uses LAUNCH original maintenance database system, classified by car model. Massive data is an indispensable help for your repair and maintenance.
Upgrade Service: Latest versions are automatically listed in One-click Upgrade center. You can upgrade by just one click.
Fast shift between imperial and metric systems: Imperial and metric systems can be easily shifted by one click on SETTING button.
Extended Function: With optional modules, you can apply X-431 PAD II as an oscillograph (ignition analyzer) or battery tester or multimeter, achieving more applications with one tool.


Specification – 세부사양

    OS: Android 4.1 and above
CPU: ARM Coretex-A7 quad-core , 1.2GHZ
Display: 10.1 Inches,1280*800,IPS
Battery Life: 6-8 hours
Working Temperature:0℃-45℃
Storage Temperature:-20℃-70℃


Spare Parts – 포함 부품 리스트

NO. Part Code Part Name
1 105021047 Micro-USB download cable
2 105021033 OBDⅡ-16 extension cable
3 105020989 OBD I Adaptor BOX switch wiring
4 102210127 Adaptore ,5V/2.5A,
5 102150012 AC250V/5A 6*30mm
6 102150010 AC250V/5A 6*30mm
7 105040074 GM/VAZ-12 diagnostic connector integrated
8 105040072 BMW-20 diagnostic connector integrated
9 105040070 SSANGYONG-20 diagnostic connector integrated
10 105040069 SUBARU-9 diagnostic connector integrated
11 105040068 SUBARU-9 diagnostic connector integrated
12 105040067 CHRYSLER-6 diagnostic connector integrated
13 105040065 GEELY-22 diagnostic connector integrated
14 105040064 TOYOTA-22 diagnostic connector integrated
15 105040063 MAZDA-17 diagnostic connector integrated
16 105040062 TOYOTA-17 diagnostic connector integrated
17 105040060 HONDA-3 diagnostic connector integrated
18 105040059 DAEWOO-12
19 105021078 MINI HDMI – Normal HDMI convertor






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